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What is Coffee Club?

Under the banner of GSS Yoga, a new venture is in works called COFFEE CLUB. It could be a forum, a platform, a get-together place or a hangout place, you name it. The main aim is to get people together in this forum – ‘Coffee Club’, to improve and better their social life. It provides a platform for all to hold constructive discussions, exchange opportunities and interact with each other.

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Why Coffee Club?

People get to know each other over good food. Typically in India, the same could happen over a cup of coffee. Up until a decade ago, people were very comfortable with each other, making acquaintances during their journey and in every other social gathering.

Today, people refrain from talking to strangers due to their insecurity and would rather prefer spending their time on their cellular smart devices. Surely, the devices maybe smart but what about the people using them?

While some call it technological advancement, it is more detrimental to us than being beneficial. People active on social media may argue that they still know a lot about people who post their stuff online, but what is the veracity of that information?

It is only when we talk to actual people that we get to know them and have that actual sense of connection and bonding. According to psychologists, if you’re satisfied with your social life, you tend to be satisfied with life in general.

Observing these trends, GSS Yoga has decided to venture into a new concept of bringing people together, sans all the technology. It is good to revert back to conventional ways sometimes.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Friendship: Of course, meeting new people results in conversations being struck. With more conversations, people discover different kinds of thinking perspectives and thought processes. Ultimately, people make new friends and their social behaviour improves drastically.
  • Fellowship: The moment we strike a chord with someone, we begin to share mutual interests and conversing about common topics. This is fellowship that strengthens the bond of friendship and gives a topic for the conversation to go on.
  • Networking: The more people we know, the more our networking skills grow. With more contacts, we get to know a lot of concepts and ideas and references and likewise. The scope and uses of networking are typically endless.
  • Opportunities: With constant networking come a torrent of opportunities, which might be useful to oneself or to others. We typically make use of the opportunity that are useful to us or pass them on to our other friends or acquaintances.
  • Inter-personal skills: As we talk to people, we learn. The more we do it, the better we get at it. As a result, the way we interact with people improves. If you are good at interacting with people, the chances of people liking you or becoming your friends increases drastically.

Directly or indirectly, each of the factors here are interdependent on one another and contribute to every individual’s personality development.

Plan of Action

Our intention is to create at least a hundred ‘Coffee Clubs’ across the city in the initial phase. Although this concept is still in its infancy, we are sure, with more support and encouragement from people in the city, this concept will be a reality at the earliest.

Within the end of 2020, we plan to create about a hundred of these ‘Coffee Clubs’ across the city so that it is convenient for nearby people to gather. Our target for 2022 would be to expand ‘Coffee Clubs’ all over the state, likely as a chain of forums. It would be our dream come true if we can set-up ‘Coffee Clubs’ across the entire nation by 2025.

We would love it if people used this opportunity to come and gather at a place and improve their social life. We wish for people to build bridges with each other and connect, rather than building walls and disconnect with each other.

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