Saptha Mitras

The ‘Saptha Mitras’ are the seven rudimentary doctrines of GSS Yoga. These seven concepts encapsulate the vision and mission of our organisation. All our events and undertakings come under ‘The Saptha Mitras’.

The usage of the number 7 starts with Saptha-swaras (the seven musical notes), Saptha-rushi mandala (great cluster of seven stars), Saptha Samudra (seven holy oceans), Saptha-nadi (seven holy rivers), Saptha-padi (seven holy steps), etc.

We, at GSS Yoga, believe the power of the number 7 and hence have formulated all our deeds into ‘The Saptha Mitras’. Basically, all of them are self-explanatory but we would like you to know what areas or concepts come under the seven holy preliminaries.

GSS Yoga promotes and preaches the fundamentals of Yoga. A Greek philosopher, Thales, has rightly said, “A sound mind in a sound body” and scientific research has proven the same to be true. The goal is to nurture and develop the comprehensive health of every individual through Yoga and Adhyatma.

  •  Pranayama
  • Asanas
  • Surya Namaskara
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Surya Paana
  • Mudras
  • Adhyatma
  • Philosophy

Our principal capital asset is our health, nothing is more important than that. We, at GSS Yoga, take the best possible measures to educate people about their health, both physical & mental, and well-being. We help facilitate in the disease related relief through doctors, hospitals and healing centres.

  • Medical Relief Camps
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Health Check-up Camps
  • Eye Check-up Camps
  • AIDS Awareness Programs

A lot of sporting talents receive very little to no support in their endeavour, as a result of which our country is deprived of skilled sports players. Our main intention here is to identify such gifted sports people and give them a platform to shine so that one day they will represent our nation and make us all proud.

  • Yogic Sports
  • Indoor Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Athletic Events

It is a division of GSS Yoga which provides a public platform for all budding and talented artists. A dedicated team provides the required opportunities and a stage where artists (either an individual or a group) can exhibit their talents and skills in front of art connoisseurs, aiming to give the rightful break that true artists deserve.

  • Cultural Events
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Dance

Many people in our country find it very difficult to approach the government bodies for their work. Likewise, several government institutions set-up for the people find it difficult to approach the people. GSS Yoga aims to bridge the gap between them by being citizens’ friend and help them in addressing their need. A dedicated team coordinates with civic and government bodies to help people with their work.

  • Coordination with state & central governments
  • Raising traffic and crime preventive awareness
  • Easy connectivity with Police and Transportation Departments
  • Effortless work progress related to MCC & MUDA
  • Ensuring clean & green city
  • Promoting communal harmony
  • Uplifting the Civil and Voting awareness

It is time to stop blaming the government and start taking responsibilities for creating job opportunities. A special team of trainers and recruiters will indulge in skill training and on job training for all eligible candidates to create more job opportunities for them. ‘Udyog Mitra’ will play a pivotal role in instituting a forum for both employers and employees with lots of opportunities.

  • Job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled candidates
  • Attitude and aptitude training
  • Right candidate for right job
  • Provision of a symposium for employers
  • Skilful and gainful employment opportunity creation

With exploding population comes the growing concern of pollution and environmental destruction. As products of the environment, it is our sole duty to keep our surroundings clean and environment green. At GSS Yoga, we are trying our level best to keep our city pristine.

  • Work with Forest & Horticulture Department
  • Lend a hand in environmental restoration
  • Intensify and boost environmental awareness among the people
  • Afforestation


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